Our Partner Network

By joining ActivityBridge, you become part of an extended network of providers in the tourism and travel industry. The benefit to you, is more exposure and beneficial business relationships.

In the Network:

  • Activity Providers
  • Activity Providers Anyone trying to sell adventures, excursions, guided walks, fixed-departure tours, courses, seminars or concerts to an online audience, will be able to use the ActivityBridge network to improve their sales.
  • Activity Brokers & Resellers
  • Activity Brokers & Resellers If you sell activities, excursions or tours on behalf of other providers, this system wil give you an easy way to keep track of all your offers and accounts.
  • Guest House and B&B Network
  • Guest House and B&B Network The most exciting part of the ActivityBridge network is the vast circle of guesthouses, B&Bs, Boutique Hotels and Lodges who sell available accommodation online via NightsBridge -- our parent company. As every B&B owner knows, people come to have an experience or adventure, rather than just a sleepover. So they are keen to promote your activities via the seamless NightsBridge integration.
  • Web Sites & Agents
  • Web Sites & Agents We offer a wide range of links on websites and agents who are keen to sell on a commission basis.
  • Destination Marketing Organisations
  • Destination Marketing Organisations Many local tourism organisations and private destination marketing agencies promote activities in their regions, and already use the NightsBridge software for accommodation. There is a sense of excitement in the tourism industry to integrate ActivityBridge as an additional solution to further promote local events by showing online availability.

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