About Us

The idea for ActivityBridge came, well, from an activity! Blame the gorillas....

Neil & Theresa Emerick started NightsBridge, the successful realtime booking and distribution product for B&Bs, Guest Houses and Boutique Hotels in 2005. On a trip through East Africa to promote NightsBridge, they realised the need for a similar product to promote tours, events and activities. And so the idea for ActivityBridge was born in the Vurunga Mountains of Rwanda, on a gorilla trek.

A lot of thought and development has gone into creating a product that will help any activity business -- small or large -- to better manage its products, offline- and online sales, marketing and accounts.

We've used the experience we gained from NightsBridge to anticipate the features and requirements to successfully sell and distribute products online. The relationships we've formed over the years with accommodation providers, local and international web sites, travel agents and tourism organisations means we will be able to use those same network partners to quickly increase the online footprint of ActivityBridge users.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and look forward to creating a successful partnership with you.

The idea for ActivityBridge

get realtime bookings from the world

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