Your Questions Answered

What makes ActivityBridge different?

Online availability software products can be similar, with many shared features. However, we believe ActivityBridge brings a strong network of related businesses in the tourism and travel industry for increased exposure. ActivityBridge is unique in that it builds on a business model already popular with 5600+ accommodation providers and 500+ web sites.

What will it cost?

See pricing for details

What if I cancel?

You can cancel at any time at no cancellation fee. Of course, we would be sad to see you go and would like to find out why. Naturally, we will endeavour to provide our best service so you have no need to cancel.

Do I really need realtime availability and online booking?

Each activity provider will answer this for themselves but in our experience providing realtime availability and rates to your customers sends a strong message that you are serious about your business. Working with ActivityBridge also allows you to connect to additional marketing channels. A good test is to opt in for six months and see if you generate the equivalent and more in sales to cover the additional fees for the service.

How many staff members can use it?

There is no limitation or fee for the number of staff members using the service.

How do I get my money after a booking?

This will depend greatly on which channel the booking is coming from. Some web sites may take a deposit in order to get their commission. From your own web site, you will have choices about what you allow your clients or tour operators to do regarding payment. If you use a payment gateway - such as our PayBridge system - then you will generally receive your money within 48 hours.

Which activities are suitable for ActivityBridge?

The software caters to ANY activity with a start date, a price and a duration. This could include events, tours, rides, outings, concerts, training courses, exhibitions, adventures, sport or any other experience. It could be for a once-off date, specific fixed dates or seasonal periods, with numerous other variables applied if needed.

Who owns the content that I submit?

You retain the rights to all the content - text and media - that you provide to ActivityBridge.

Will I get support?

The ActivityBridge team has years of experience in supporting our customers online, telephonically and on-site when required. You will be assisted with the setup process from the moment you commit to join our network. The support also includes marketing and industry advice such as social media integration.

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